Let’s get started:

Why Froogle?

Boost your profits

Froogle’s no commission/no subscription fee model helps you get back the margin you surrendered to the 3rd Party Apps.  No more +20% commissions.

Reclaim your customers

Froogle’s white-label platform is branded for your restaurant and your restaurant only.  Unlike the 3rd Party Apps we don’t push your customers to competitive restaurants.  We even give you all your customer’s information so you can upsell and invite them to come back again and again.

Grow your business

Froogle’s included marketing helps you grow your business via social media, seo and in-store promotional materials.  If you don’t have a website we’ll even build one for you.

Questions? We've got answers.

We can have you live in as little as 48 hours, but the average time is 4-days.

We source the delivery to 3rd party drivers in the area.  The cost of each delivery is added to the bill paid by the end customer.  Delivery is FREE for the restaurant.

Delivery radius is 3.5 – 10 miles depending on your area.

All orders are pre-paid via credit card and batched each night, so you will typically see deposits on the next business day.

"We have saved thousands in fees at the same time growing our sales with email and social media. Thank you!!"
Restaurant Owner